Tuesday 18 June 2024
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Business Casual Tips for an Interview

Business Casual Tips for an Interview

Picking out what to wear to an official interview is part and parcel of the entire daunting process. No matter how much you prepare, your clothes play a crucial role in the success as it showcases how one presents themselves. It shows your level of seriousness and commitment to the company. One judges you on the basis of your attire.

So, get the pulled-together look, buy your shirts, business suits, blouses, formal trousers for women online. India’s human resources has definitely got an eye out for how you show up and if you are the right fit.

Before finalizing an interview outfit, do a little research about the organization to figure out how formal the place of work is. One can check out the website, see the social media pictures or just call the Human Resources department. Also, these days lot of companies have become casual about the dress-code but the industry you are interviewing for also plays a role.

Most start-ups and MNCs prefer business casuals, so let us help you with that, because that is almost always the right choice.

Defining business casual

This style is typically when one dresses professionally but not too formally. You cannot land up in jeans and tee but you don’t have to wear a tailored business suit either.

Business casual dressing for women

Simple blouses and tops

You could choose and top or blouse that is comfortable and elegant – don’t have to go for a button down formal shirt. Ideally the top shouldn’t be too loud or jazzy. You can wear a silk blouse tucked into pants, a button-down top teamed with a cardigan, any blouse with a jacket or blazer. For your interview, go for neutral colours and simplistic designs. Stay away from tops that are oversized, easily wrinkled, and ill-fitted or that ones make you look like you just got out of bed.

High waisted pants or a skirt

Almost every neutral coloured blouse goes with a dark coloured pair of pants or a pencil skirt. If you have chosen a button-down shirt, you should tuck it in your pants or skirt for a sharp look. Business casual also allows one to wear khakis or cotton pants but make sure they are well ironed and look official.

Comfortable and closed toed shoes

For your interview, you can go for flats or heels whatever you prefer. Choose a neutral colour like black, beige or navy blue and make sure they are closed-toed. Ensure that your shoes are polished and have no signs of dirt or scratches as that reflects one’s personality.  Try to avoid sneakers, flip-flops or strappy sandals.

Accessorize but keep it simple

Wear earrings, a watch, a chain if you do or even a bracelet but keep it minimal and elegant. Don’t pick chunky or big sized pieces that can distract the interviewers. If you have your nails polished, make sure they are well done and not chipped. Don’t wear a very strong smelling perfume. In short go for a minimalistic look.

What one should definitely not wear

When you are going for an interview, there are some things that you definitely must not wear even if it is a part of the dress code once you land the job. Most creative firms, media houses, BPOs etc allow their employees to come in flip-flops, oversized sweatshirts, funky neon coloured clothing etc. but that does not give you a free pass to wear that for the interview. Here you need to make a good first impression & the way you dress will impact the perception. DO NOT wear the following:

  1. Underwear that is visible
  2. Flip-flops
  3. Sneakers or athletic footwear
  4. Shorts
  5. Sweatshirts and t-shirts
  6. Clothes that have slogans or display a political opinion
  7. Strong cologne or perfume