Sunday 28 November 2021
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Does Kaderspecialist make custom kaders?

Does Kaderspecialist make custom kaders?

Kaderspeacialist is a company that hustles in making simply gorgeous and fascinating kaders. They make kaders with a touch of their personal taste and style. In the article below, we will be presenting what is kaderspecialist, if it is available for custom orders and its features.


Kaderspecialist is a famous brand that specializes in making kaders. Due to them hiring artisans and employees who love their jobs and are indulged in creating new designs and artwork every time, they are available to take custom orders from customers. Below are the five different types of glasses that Kaderspecialist has for production:

  • Polystyrene 1mm – Polystyrene here are formats that are bigger than A0, are made with normally 2mm polystyrene.
  • Preservation clear – this glass is 99% UV resistant, meaning it has the perfect shield to block sunlight.
  • A clear glass of 2mm
  • Anti-reflective – a 2mm glass on one side of the frame. ● Museum glass – it has 70% UV protected 2mm glass.

Does Kaderspecialist take custom orders?

Yes. Kaderspecialist takes custom orders. The company is known to be a specialist in frame-making because if they could not create a frame like their customers want then that would be a shame. Kaderspecialist is always open for taking your custom requests and with their hearts dedicated to this beautiful work, they will do their best in each order, including yours.

Customizations at Kaderspecialist

When a person places a custom order, he/she has this small tension about the care of the product lingering in their mind, which won’t arrive if you simply go and buy the already ready products. However, with Kaderspecialist, your orders are made and delivered under full care and security. It has never happened in the past years that Kaderspecialist has delivered kadersthat are defected. These custom orders help the craftsman working in the company to think in additional diverse manners and open up for better and unusual designs.

Reasons why you should shop from Kaderspecialist

There are numerous reasons to choose Kaderspecialist over other usual kedarsmakers.

Following are them listed with explanations for better understanding:

  1. Free delivery on purchase of 100 Euro and above – an interesting offer, buy products worth 100 Euro or more and get them delivered at your doorstep for absolutely free of charge. This deal is always available on the site for all types of orders.
  2. Delivery in 2-3 days – excitement reduces if the delivery service is slow, for that issue,

Kaderspecialist would deliver your order 2-3 days unless there is an issue in the transit.

  1. Reasonable prices – to be honest with you, the products are sold at cheaper prices than you could imagine. Even though the quality is best, the prices are surprisingly lower than predicted.
  2. Own production – Kaderspecialist makes kadersfrom raw to final. They are the producers as well as the artisans to add the polishing touch to the final outcome. Products from their gallery or personalized products, all would be delivered with the finishing touch along with polished layers.