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How To Make Glossy Slime

How To Make Glossy Slime

Slime is a stretchy and squishy toy product that kids and adults manipulate with their hands. The gooey, sticky substance offers benefits like enhanced focus and reduced anxiety.

While there are different types of slime, glossy slimes are one of the most common. The reason is simple: the shiny property of glossy slime makes it look more attractive. Read on to discover how to make glossy slime.


  • Food coloring (3 drops)
  • Borax activator (15-30ml)
  • White glue (480 ml)
  • Baby oil (30 ml)
  • Foamy hand wash (8 pumps)


  • Measure out the white glue and pour it into a bowl. We recommend using a bowl that has double capacity or more.
  • Add the food coloring to the bowl. You can add any color you like. To spice things up, you can combine two colors to produce a new color (a drop of each color). You might mix red and blue, yellow and blue, red and yellow, or any other combination you prefer. You might even add a drop of three colors if you like.
  • Add the hand wash to the mixture in the bowl. If having a scented slime sounds cool to you, use a fragrant hand wash. If you’d like a subtle tint of color, you can use a colored hand wash.
  • Pour baby oil into the bowl and mix all the ingredients with a spatula.
  • Add 15 ml of borax activator to the bowl and mix. If the slime doesn’t begin to form, add another 15 ml of borax activator and mix.
  • When the slime starts pulling away from the bowl, remove the spatula and knead with your hands instead. Keep kneading until the slime becomes stretchy.
  • After the slime completely forms, you can start playing with it. However, keep your slime in an air-tight container when you’re not using it.

Making The Borax Activator

When you buy borax, it’s in raw form. You have to make the activator yourself to get your cool slime. However, making the borax activator is easy.

To make your borax activator, follow these steps:

  • Pour 2 cups (480 ml) of warm water into a bowl.
  • Then add 5g (1 teaspoon) of borax to the water bowl.
  • Stir the solution until it becomes uniform in consistency.
  • Pour into a plastic container or jar. You can use the borax activator for several batches of slime.


Enhancing The Appearance of Your Slime

You can take your slime’s appearance up a notch in different ways. They include:

●      Adding sparkles

To make your slime sparkly and glossy, you can add sparkles. Add 240 grams (1 cup) of glitter to your bowl of formed slime. Combine the glitter and slime by kneading. You can use any glitter color of your choice; try picking a color that complements your slime’s color.

●      Turning your slime into an aromatic toy

You can add essential oils to your slime to create aromatic slime. Add your essential oil while making the borax activator.


Although there are different ways to make glossy slime, the methods discussed are straightforward.

Glossy slime can last for at least three months if preserved well. However, it’s vital to note that eating slime can be dangerous.