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Different Medical Conditions You Can Try Treating With CBD

Different Medical Conditions You Can Try Treating With CBD

You will most likely have heard of CBD oil, a derivative of the cannabis plant, as its popularity has significantly increased over the last few years. You do not get high using CBD oil, and lots of research indicates various benefits to your health when using this 100% natural substance. There has been promising research showing that you can use CBD to treat multiple medical conditions effectively. Below you will find some of the medical conditions that scientists have proven can benefit from CBD. If you want to try using it, speak to your doctor and tell them your intentions, but you do not need a prescription as you can easily buy it in health food stores, shops, and online retailers.


Various medical studies have shown the benefits to sufferers of anxiety when they take CBD daily. A study in 2015 showed that CBD could potentially treat multiple anxiety-related disorders, and research is ongoing into this use of CBD. You can take CBD to help your anxiety in many ways, such as tablets, tincture oils, and edibles, but the most effective delivery method is vaping a CBD e-liquid from


The same studies in 2015 looking at anxiety also looked at depression, and there are also promising signs that some depression sufferers can benefit from using CBD regularly. It is important to note that you would still need to take prescribed medications, and you may find your doctor can start reducing the dosage when you take CBD. However, you can hopefully reach a point where you can stop the prescription medication completely and use CBD to control your depression rather than letting it control you.


Studies have also shown that those with epilepsy can benefit from taking CBD products daily. They cannot cure epilepsy as we still do not know the cause, but they can reduce the strength and frequency of the patient having epileptic seizures. It is not effective in all forms of epilepsy, but it does offer some people who have the condition a ray of light.

High Blood Pressure

Some research has also shown that people with high blood pressure can benefit when taking CBD products daily, helping to get their blood pressure under control. A study of non-smoking men aged between 19 to 29 showed that a single dose of CBD could decrease their resting blood pressure by up to 6mmHg. Research scientists believe the benefit can be attributed to the anxiety-reducing properties of CBD.

Reduce Cancer Treatment Related Symptoms

Scientists have also researched the side effects that cancer treatments cause and CBD has been shown to help reduce these symptoms for people undergoing radiotherapy and chemotherapy. Many people feel nauseous and often vomit when treated for cancer, and the treatments leave you feeling unwell. However, people taking CBD while undergoing treatment have reduced side effects from their cancer treatment. There is also promising research into the anti-cancer properties of CBD, which scientists hope to use to make a cure for cancer one day.

These are a few medical conditions you can treat with CBD, but there are more such as chronic pain, acne, insomnia, and PTSD. You can click here to see more medical conditions you can treat using CBD, and you may wish to discuss this with your doctor.

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