Sunday 14 April 2024
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Rakhi for Brother, Made At Home On This Raksha Bandhan

Rakhi for Brother, Made At Home On This Raksha Bandhan

Due to the Coronavirus, this year, Raksha Bandhan is not getting the same gaiety as before. There is not much activity to be seen in shops of clothes, sweets etc. Due to the Coronavirus, people are trying to use more and more household items. Because this time, it is necessary to keep in mind both vigilance and more security to avoid Covid-19. In such a situation, if you want, instead of buying Rakhi this time, make it with your hands. These days, many searches are being done on the internet about how to make Rakhi, here we will tell about some such tricks, with the help of which, you can easily make Rakhi at home. For perfect online rakhi delivery, this is most essential.

Sticker Rakhi

If you are making Rakhi for children, then nothing is better than sticker Rakhi. You can easily make beautiful Rakhi at home by using different types of stickers. To make this, you will need a sticker, sponge and ribbon. First of all, cut the sponges of different colours circularly. Now stick a sticker on it. You can also paste Chhota Bheem, Pokemon or other stickers as per the choice of the child. Next, using the fevicol, affix a satin ribbon between the two sponges. In this way, your sticker rakhi is ready. So then you can make the best arrangement to send online Rakhi.

Pearl-rice Rakhi

For this, first, take a thick cloth. On this cloth, you put the rice grains in a flower design and stick them together. Put a pearl necklace on it too. Now cut the cloth in the shape of a flower also. Now stick the pearl and rice design on this flower. Attach a silk thread with the help of fevicol below. Happy and beautiful Rakhi made by your hands is ready. As you opt for sending Rakhi online, you can have the best choices there.

Maintain the thread of waste materials

to make Rakhi, You can also use waste materials. Collect some colourful pulses and used pearls. Now add them to the dissolved fevicol. Stick it on a sheet and let it dry. After this, cut it into different shapes, now stick it almost in it. In this way, Rakhi can be made using the things available at home. You can also use sheets, beads and flowers to make it more innovative. Otherwise, you can also opt for the online rakhi store in the USA or UK for the best Rakhi.

Rakhi with golden flowers To make Rakhi with

golden flowers, you will need about one meter of golden ribbon. Now make small flowers with the help of this ribbon. Now stick these flowers in a sheet. After this, cut the sheet into a round shape. In this way, you can prepare Rakhi in no time. To make this Rakhi made from silk stains, take silk threads of the colour of your choice and interlock them. After this thread, the coloured beads in the silk thread with the help of needle thread. Best rakhi delivery online services are there now with the most satisfactory results.


Now distribute the beads equally on both the ends of the silk thread while leaving a space in between. Now cut the sponge into a round shape. If you want, you can put beads or your brother’s picture on this sponge. If they like cartoons, stick to a sticker of their choice. After this, attach the sponge to the empty space left in the middle. Now your Rakhi is ready.