Tuesday 18 June 2024
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How to wear Puff Sleeves and balloon Sleeves?

How to wear Puff Sleeves and balloon Sleeves?

Can you tell the difference between puffed sleeves and balloon sleeves?

Do you know how to wear puff sleeved women’s shift dresses this summer or which body shapes go best with the puffed sleeves?

Balloon sleeves or puffed sleeves?

You’ve probably already spotted it, the trend for voluminous sleeves had its heyday in the 1980s. At that time, you saw tops worthy of great ballet costumes, with puffed sleeves, flourish. That is, sleeves full of volume.

Balloon sleeves are actually a specific form of sleeves, which mostly puff up at the shoulders.

In short-sleeved version, they are ideal for creating a fresh and innocent look, like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz. In the long-sleeved version, they also tend to puff at the wrist, with a romantic touch much appreciated by Eva Longoria.

Why puffed sleeves are trending this season?

Spring-Summer 2021 is the season for balloon sleeves. The volume is making a resounding comeback this year and you will find them in a wide variety of forms: target women’s clothing with puffed sleeves, small top with balloon sleeves and a tidy look, women’s shift dresses or crop top. You are spoiled for choice!

What body types do puff sleeves best match?

Visually, the voluminous effect of puffed sleeves works very well on A (or triangle) body shapes. It rebalances the silhouette by refining the waist and slightly widening the shoulder line.

On an hourglass or figure 8 morphology, balloon or puffed sleeves are welcome, they will accentuate your naturally contrasting shapes.

For other body types, you can make the puffed sleeves your own by playing on these tips:

  • Prefer a balloon-sleeved blouse with a high collar to rebalance the visual effect. This applies very well to all body types.
  • If you prefer short or low collars, opt for a V-neck, round neck or sweetheart neck.
  • Avoid the top or dress with balloon sleeves and closed collar.
  • To harmonize the silhouette, the ideal is to wear the balloon or puffed sleeves with a piece close to the body. A fitted blouse, a tube dress, a pencil skirt, slim jeans.

How to wear puffed sleeves this summer?

Here is the selection of dress designers to wear balloon sleeves and puffed sleeves this summer without meringue effect or very good little girl.

Your look ideas with a balloon sleeve t-shirt

  • To fully embrace the trend, there’s nothing better than wearing a balloon-sleeved dress with extra volume and a flowing drape.
  • To avoid being too tidy, combine target women’s clothing with a pair of sneakers, model “ugly trainers”, which will break the delicacy of the outfit.

Your look ideas with an openwork puff-sleeve shirt

  • It is the feminine piece par excellence. The openwork white blouse, with a straight or lace collar. If you add short balloon sleeves, even puffed (with volume at both ends), you reach the best of romantic style.
  • This summer, wear it with straight-cut white pants for a total fresh and elegant look. Your colourful accessory: semi-open sandals in Illuminating Yellow or lemon yellow.

Ready to embrace the light trend of the season?