Monday 22 July 2024
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Polish Your Jewelry For Increased Shine: Check Out The Complete DIY Process

Polish Your Jewelry For Increased Shine: Check Out The Complete DIY Process

Polishing any jewelry, either it is silver or gold brings a new shine into it. Every ornament user loves to polish their jewelry, as it removes the blackness that gets stocked on it. Apart from this, you could also get a feeling of new jewelry just after polishing it. Furthermore, it also increases the durability of your ornament. Therefore they don’t get broken easily. Therefore, it is important to get your jewelry polished every six months.

If you are not willing to get your ornament polished, then you could also do it yourself. This is not a great task. You will only require some of the usable home products such as shampoo, salt, or water. This is quite easy; after reading the article, you would get to know everything about the process. Check out the best technique of polishing your Wholesale Jewelry at home.

  1. Scrub Your Jewelry With Baby Shampoo

First of all, you would require adding a drop of baby shampoo into 240 ml of warm water. Wait until it is too hot; afterward, apply the mixture on your ornament with cotton. Then, go on to the hidden or mounted places because these are the areas that usually get too much of blackish color and dull look. Once you have cleaned your complete jewelry with the soap mixture, you can rinse it completely with the help of cold water. Afterward, dry it softly using a microfiber towel.

  1. Brush Your Jewelry Using Lemon Juice

First of all, make a cleaning solution in which you have to take equal parts of lemon juice with warm water. Keep your jewelry for 10 to 12 minutes. Afterward, take it out and brush it with the same solution. Do not use lemon directly on any jewelry as it is too acidic and can take the color of your jewelry. Remember, if you are cleaning fake jewelry, then do not dip it into water. As it could losing the glue, and your jewelry could lose elements.

  1. Rub White Toothpaste On Your Jewelry

Rubbing white toothpaste with the help of a brush that has soft bristles will make your jewelry shine again. You could get a completely new shine after rubbing toothpaste on your jewelry. After rubbing every corner of your jewelry, wash it thoroughly under running cold water. Use toothpaste that is essentially made for teeth whitening as they contain baking soda, which is great for removing oxidized parts of your jewelry.

  1. Remove The Tarnish Of Your Jewelry

Several times your wrings get dull and dark in color due to continuous wearing. This is due to the dead skin cells off of the human body. It is necessary to remove this tarnish from your jewelry. You could easily do it at your home by dipping it in catch up for around 10 minutes. Try to put it in catch-up that is made from tomatoes only. After keeping it in catch up for 10 minutes, rinse it and dry it with the help of a microfiber towel.