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List of essential components of a terrarium

List of essential components of a terrarium

You may have plans of constructing a terrarium by yourself. The first thing to do is to get the service of a Terrarium workshop Singapore. Afterward, you should get ready with the following essential components to create it.

Glass container

Without a container, you cannot call a plant a terrarium plant. So, the primary requirement will be the glass container. Depending on the type of plant that you are about to grow, you can choose this container. The changeable factors will be the size and opening of the container. However, as you would use the setup as a mini-garden, you should make sure that the setup is transparent.

Stones and pebbles

Your plant could not grow healthily if there is excess water. So, to drain out or remove the excess water from the roots of the plant, you should place a layer of small stones and pebbles.

Activated charcoal

Your terrarium can go to ashes if there is a growth of bacteria or other unnecessary parasites in the root. If you can manage to keep the water fresh, you can stop this. So, you should use a layer of activated charcoal.


Without soil, your plants cannot grow. So, you should put some soil inside the jar. The type of soil can depend on the type of plant you wish to grow. For instance, cactus may require a different type of soil. However, most plants will grow in any type of soil.


Although you would add plants as the final step, it is the most important step. A terrarium is nothing without beautiful plants and hence, you should choose a type of plant according to your wish. However, your choice should be suitable to grow inside a closed tiny container. You should use an open container for plants that need fresh air and sunlight.